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Nations on Gaea

Missing flag.png Central Agoria (CAG)
Flag of Chemia.png Republic of Chemia (CHE)
Missing flag.png Equitans (EQT)
Missing flag.png Gambia (GAM)
Flag of Judea.png Judea (JUD)
Missing flag.png Leatan (LTN)
Missing flag.png Malanianos (MAL)
Flag of Marokesh.png Republic of Marokesh (MAR)

Missing flag.png Mauritais (MUR)
Flag of Mozambania.png Mozambanian State (MZM)
Senegal flag.png Senegal (SEN)
Flag of Togo.png Togo (TOG)
Flag of the Volkstaat.png Cape Commonwealth (VLK)
Missing flag.png Zambia (ZAM)


Flag of the Balfour Islands.png Balfour Islands (BAL)
Flag of Canterbury.png Union of Canterbury (CTB)
Flag of the Khitomer Islands.png Khitomer Islands (KTI)
Flag of Nieuw Guinea.png Nieuw Guinea (NGN)

Flag of New Sealand.png Nieuw Sealand (NSI)
Flag of the Saint Christopher Islands.png Saint Christopher Islands (SCI)
Flag of the Somerton Islands.png Somerton Islands (SOM)
Flag of Waverney.png Waverney (WAV)


Flag of the Commonwealth of Mulatto.png Commonwealth of Mulatto (CMO)
Flag of the Commonwealth of Correa.GIF Commonwealth of Correa (COR)
Flag of Oruro.png Commonwealth of Oruro (CRU)
Flag of Tupi.png Commonwealth of Tupi (CTP)
Felician-flag.png Republic of Felicia (FEL)
Caledonia-flag.png Republic of Caledonia (RCA)
Flag of Mendoza.png Republic of Mendoza (RMD)

Flag of Miskoto.png Republic of Miskoto (RMK)
Flag of Miquelo.png Republic of Miquelo (RMQ)
Cr state.gif Republic of Punta Rica (RPR)
Flag Roquia.png Republic of Roquia (RRO)
Flag of San Theodoros.jpg Republica de San Theodoros (RST)
Flag Salinas.png Republic of Salinas (SAL)
Tremonia flag.jpg Republic of Tremonia (TRE)
19258Anerma.png United Republic of Anerma (URA)


Flag of Albion.jpg New Kingdom of Albion (ALB)
Missing flag.png Atridean Antilles (ATA)
Flag of Carpathia.png Kingdom of Carpathia (CAR)
Flag of Cavodistria.png Republic of Cavodistria (CAV)

Missing flag.png Commonwealth of Grenada (GRN)
Flag of Mexico.png Republic of Mexico (MEX)
Flag of Modena.png Duchy of Modena (MOD)
Amagosaflag.jpg United Commonwealth of Amagosa (UCA)


Siam flag.jpg People's Republic of Annam (ANN)
Flag of Arabia.png Republic of Arabia (ARB)
Flag of India.png Aryan Federation (ARV)
Kingdom of Bayna Flag.png Kingdom of Bahasa (BAY)
Flag of Bhaktapur.png Republic of Bhaktapur (BTP)
CPSflag.png Carpathian Protectorate of Siam (CPS)
Flag of Geyland.png Kingdom of Geyland (GEY)
Flag of Drug Yul.png Dragon Kingdom (DRG)
Flag of Harbin.png Harbin Special Administrative Region (HAR)
Flag of Herat.png Herati State (HER)
Flag of Joseon.png Kingdom of Joseon (JSN)
Flag of Kampuchea.png Kingdom of Kampuchea (KAM)
Flag of Kamyaran.png Republic of Kamyaran (KMY)
KWLflag.png Kowloon (KWL)

Flag of Malaysia.png Kingdom of Malaysia (MYA)
Flag of Nihon.png Nihon Empire (NHN)
Flag of Nozorstan.png State of Nozorstan (NZR)
Flag of Pakistan.png Islamic Republic of Pakstan (PAK)
Flag of Seria.png Kingdom of Seria (SER)
Flag of Sindh.png Sublime State of Sindh (SIH)
Flag of Singapore.png Republic of Singapore (SNG)
Flag of Tahrisia.png Sublime State of Tahrisia (TAH)
Flag of Tunisia.png Republic of Tunisia (TUN)
Flag of Tuva.png Tuvan Republic (TVA)
Flag of Usu-kalam.png Ušú-kalam (USU)
Flag of Zelena.png High Zelenian League (ZEL)
Flag of Zhonghua.png People's Republic of Zhonghua (ZHA)
Flag of Zhenjiang.png City-state of Zhenjiang (ZHE)


Flag of Abasydia.png Abasydian Realm (ABA)
Flag of Arcadia.png Kingdom of Arcadia (ARC)
Flag of Atridea.png Republic of Atridea (ATR)
Flag of Austurland.png Kingdom of Austurland (AUS)
Flag of Ardabil.png Republic of Ardabil (AYR)
Flag of Baldvia.png Baldvian Republic (BLV)
Flag of Dalasysla.png Republic of Dalasýsla (DSL)
Flag of Eterdriana.png Eterdrianan State (ETR)
Flag of Eireland.png Eirish Free State (EIR)
Flag of Essenland.png Essen Republic (ESD)
Flag of Euskara.png Euskaran Republic (EUS)
Flag of Hayastana.png Kingdom of Hayastana (HAY)
Flag of Hispania.png Hispanian Republic (HSP)
Flag of the Jutlandic State.png Republic of Jutland (JYL)
Flag of Kaunas.png Republic of Kaunas (KNA)

Albania Flag.png Kingdom of Albania (KOA)
Flag of Magyar.png Magyar Republic (MGY)
Flag of Mavrovo.png People's Republic of Mavrovo (MAV)
Flag of Monico.png Republic of Monico (MON)
Flag of Moritz.png Republic of Moritz (MOR)
Flag of Moravia.png Moravian Republic (MRV)
Flag of the Nordic State.png Nordic State (NOR)
Flag of Picardy.png Republic of Picardy (PIC)
Flag of Sakartvelo.png Republic of Sakartvelo (SAK)
Flag of Saremia.png Kingdom of Saremia (SAM)
Flag of Seljukia.png Seljukia (SEJ)
Flag of Silesia.png Silesian Republic (SLS)
Flag of Sudreich.png Federal Republic of Sudreich (SUD)
Flag of Uusima.png Republic of Uusimaa (UUS)
Flag of Yugedslavia.png Yugedslavia (YUG)

Intergovernmental Organizations

Nation of the Month
Republic of Mexico
Mexico, officially the Republic of Mexico, is a federal constitutional republic in Novia. It is bordered on the north by the Republic of Cavodistria; on the south by the United Republic of Anerma; on the southeast by the Commonwealth of Grenada, on the east by the Antillian Sea; and on the west by the Andaman Ocean. Covering almost 575,826 square kilometres it has a population of 45.6 million.
Article of the Month
Royal Carpathian Line
SS Queen Anne III.jpg
The Carpathian Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, more commonly know as the Royal Carpathian Line is a prominent Carpathian shipping company based at Olympic House in Bregna, Carpathia. It has been a leading operator of passenger ships on the Andaman Ocean and Atlantic Ocean for 160 years. At the moment, Royal Carpathian Line is the only shipping company to operate a scheduled ocean liner service between Novia and Orienta and one of several operating between Novia and Uberia.